Wednesday, June 7, 2017


You can tell it to the British,  tell it to the French
Tell the politicians sitting on a fence.
Something just happened, a foreboding omen
That goes by the name of Dangerous Woman

Somewhere out there on the tour
Behind the scenes, vague and obscure
Hidden in the meaning of the Tarot cards
Lost in the number of security guards

When Scotland Yard can't find a clue
As the Queen arrives in her best blue
In the dark at Trafalgar Square
Dangerous Woman recites a prayer.

It's midnight over at the Louvre
As the watchman serves an hors d'oerves
And blames Picasso for Cubism
With some melancholy euphuism.

Meantime General Charles De Gaulle
Dances at the military ball
When the shadow from the lunar gnomon
Points toward the Dangerous Woman.

As her plane takes off from Orly Field
The gendarmes keep their eyes peeled
While on the ground President Macron
Blows a kiss to Dangerous Woman.

Flying above a magnificent cloud
Over the rainbow and singing loud
No matter what the show must go on
For she's the Dangerous Woman.