Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#MANCHESTER--Terror Level "Critical"--DRAGNET..!!

The lab will be found, others arrested--
(Soho Bureau)--Still in shock over the brazen attack on innocent concert goers at Monday's show, police must now act with lightning speed to determine, not just if there were others involved, but also if more attacks will follow.

With the terror alert level raised to "Critical",  and with the arrest of others who may have been involved in the plotting of the crime, those remaining have no other choice but to execute further attacks, or break and run. In addition, the boasting by the Middle East terror group taking responsibility, in effect, complicity for the Manchester attack, makes it even more desperate for those who are involved, and probably abandoned now that the event is complete.

The last thing the Middle East terror group wants is exposure to its entire network so those who are in the immediate cell will be exposed, left behind to fend for themselves.

In the process, the dead giveaway will be obvious as they scatter to save themselves, revealing the location of the bomb making lab to the dragnet, becoming ever more desperate as they botch their escape.

As has been seen in nearly every one of these crimes, the execution may be complete and a success but the coverup and escape has nearly a one hundred percent chance to fail.  Expect to to see this in the days that follow.

Saturday, May 13, 2017


As ancient generals stood close by
Wearing medals to personify
That in a battle full-scale
They may just be too big to fail

This guy's nothing but a thorn in the side
Of every leader worldwide
He finds it very difficult
To go a day without an insult.
He's declared war on the Sea of Japan
Firing missiles as fast as he can
They land in the water after hundreds of miles
As he stands by the gantry and waves and smiles.

Who is this latest phenomenon
Who's never heard of Panmunjom
And the war that ended back in Fifty-Three
When the Yanks went back to the Land of the Free.
But they drew a line at the 38th parallel
And said don't cross or be blown to Hell.
It was a war that nobody won
But that don't mean a thing to Kim Jong Un.

If you get off the plane in Pyongyang
You could be arrested by some of his gang
He'll announce to the world that you're a spy
Before he lets another missile fly.
You  may disappear into some jail
Where the soup is cold and the bread is stale
You could just vanish without a trace.
Or have  VX stuffed in your face.

In New York the expectations
Are very low at the United Nations
There doesn't seem to be a workable plan
To deal with this nuisance of a man
China keeps hiding in the shadows
As the rest of the Security Council oppose
Taking any responsible vote
That will put a knife to Kim's throat.

Goose stepping troops on the Day of the Sun
Saluted allegiance to Kim Jong Un
Followed by tanks and missiles on trucks
That must have cost megabucks
As ancient generals stood close by
Wearing medals to personify
That in a battle full-scale
They may just be too big to fail

Poetry by JC Langelle (c) 2017