Sunday, July 15, 2018

ALTAF AHMAD PRESS TV--Featured Journalist on Twitter---(C) 2018 RECONPRESSE USA


BLEU DU NORD--Screenplay ny JC Langelle-- (C) 2018 RECONPRESSE USA

“Bleu du Nord”, screenplay by JC Langelle
WGA West Reg # 1958090 © 2018  120 pages

     When a Canadian submarine crosses paths with a US destroyer in territorial waters off Washington state, the encounter proves disastrous for the HMCS Lightfoot. Tensions had already been at a breakpoint between the two nations due to recent high tariffs on steel and other commodities placed on Canada by the United States.

     Canada retaliates with a missile attack on the navy base in Seattle where the destroyer is stationed and the war of economic words turns into a potential armed conflict engulfing the entire western hemisphere. Citizens are not only expelled from each nation, they are physically removed and in many cases, feel the wrath of nationalism and patriotism that runs high as the conflict escalates.
     Collateral damage stretches across the border as Wall Street tumbles, diplomats are expelled, NORAD splits and sabotage is on the rise. NATO partners become hostile and align with their historical allies. Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa muster troops and armament in a massive buildup in Canada as an invasion seems imminent. The UK’s new flagship carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, takes up station menacing the waters off the Pacific US coastline.
     The President goes to the United Nations seeking support as erstwhile allies have turned into potential foes with an all out war about to be launched in his front yard.
Through it all, characters, some big and some small, grapple with the consequences of the realignment of global superpowers. Can anybody out there save the day? Perhaps, but only by reading this gripping reversal of fortune in the politics of an high-stakes international  standoff can the outcome be discovered.

Bleu du Nord, by JC Langelle WGA West # 1958090 now available for review.
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Cc: literary agencies, industry media, all concerned personnel.

Monday, January 15, 2018

#TET 1968--The Atlantic--JULIAN E ZELIZER

On January 30, at the start of the sacred Vietnamese holiday of Tet, which celebrated the start of the new lunar year, the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong launched a massive military offensive that proved the battle raging in Southeast Asia was far from over, and that President Lyndon B. Johnson’s administration had grossly oversold American progress to the public. Although U.S. troops ultimately ended the offensive successfully, and the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong suffered brutal loses, these bloody weeks triggered a series of events that continue to undermine Americans’ confidence in their government.



On the tarmac at El Toro when we all were ready to fly to Danang just after Valentine's Day, President Johnson arrived in a convertible Cadillac and wished us all well. General Westmoreland wanted 200,000 troops, what he got was the 82nd Airborne and us, the 27th Marine Regimental Landing Team. There was nobody left to fight.