Thursday, June 12, 2014


Screenplay by James C. L'Angelle
WGA West Reg.# 1587391  

EXT. (Exterior Scene) PAN Lunar surface then move to space immediately above.

    SCROLLING TEXT   The year is 2028. The Chinese People's Republic    has established a sprawling base on the surface    of the Moon just below Mons Piton at the southern   shore of the Ocean of Storms. The United States,   along with Russia, has assembled a task force to   meet the challenge from the Chinese to "throw   anybody off the Moon who attempts to land".

  The task force, known as "Lunar Strike, Manned   Force to Tranquility" or by the acronym "LSMFT",   is accompanied by Atlas Hayes of the Recon News   Agency; this is his story...

EXT.  SPACE ABOVE THE MOON. A long column of tiny metallic specks appear in the backdrop of the star field and rapidly approach the lunar surface. The specks grow larger and become visible as a large formation of modules, landers, supply orbiters; some with American flags on them, others with Russian flags and insignias. The spacecraft range from modified American Apollo-class landing craft to large Russian Kvant and Soyuz capsules, most with some form of armament visible on them. The long column begins to split off into formations of squadron size, dropping into various orbits above the lunar surface.