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                  ---new york nemesis---
                        he is what he wears, clothes make the man--
                        and around the village he wears what he can--
                        but one thing he has and he sure doesn't lack it--
                        is his silver studded black leather jacket--
                        some guys like to wear bomber coats--
                        but with the girls they never get any votes--
                        and others are in the long wool overcoat racket--
                        but they can't beat the silver studded black leather
                        for those who like to play it rough
                        there's a set of manacles to handcuff--
                        the gal who thinks she can hack it--
                        the derelict in the silver studded black leather
                        a man's got to be at the end of his tether--
                        to be into so much glitz and leather--
                        if i had one wish
                        it would be to die in the kettle of fish
                        some late night as the village sleeps
                        and the grim reaper reaps
                        what he sows
                        beyond the rows
                        as he walks down the rows
                        of houses around washington square
                        where late at night no one dare
                        go except to the kettle of fish
                        to die, one day, i wish--
                        if i had one wish
                        it would be to die in the kettle of fish
                        as the moon sinks over the village west
                        that's where to lay my soul to rest
                        out in the dark
                        at the square park
                        underneath washington arch
                        drums beating a funeral march
                        as life goes on in the kettle of fish
                        there, i'll die, someday, i wish
                        if i had one wish
                        it would be to die in the kettle of fish
                        as fog diminishes the view outside
                        so no one there would know i died
                        except for a few, maybe one or two
                        who might have known why i was there
                        and if they had one minute to spare
                        grant me that single wish
                        and let me die in the kettle of fish--
                        before i'm old and gray--
                        keeping with tradition of protest and sedition, i
                        examined my condition working for the man all day--
                        a task that never varied as i struggled and i tarried
                        with the burden that i carried, this for little pay--
                        the alarm on the clock made me jump and walk, it was
                        useless to talk, i had nothing to say--
                        one foggy morning and with great forlorning, i gave not
                        a warning, i quit and ran away--
                        i had nothing to take, there was no one to forsake, no
                        promises to break, no one asked me to stay--
                        i set my destination and my launch defenestration was to
                        cross this mighty nation hoping that i would not stray--
                        i would travel west to east loaded down with the least
                        so not taken for a beast that need be held at bay--
                        i would travel through a blizzard, perhaps mistaken for
                        a wizard and would sacrifice my gizzard if i didn't have
                        to pray--
                        and not return again to places i had been or to find the
                        next of kin in a town along the way--
                        no one need to take pity for i'll be sitting pretty when
                        i reach new york city, before i'm old and gray--
                  published by reconpresseusa--greenwich village section--

Friday, June 10, 2016

OP FRERES JACQUES--Excerpt, "Phantoms" by JC Langelle--(C) 2018 RECONPRESSE USA

Objective- to silence the snoopy Greek in the ESA spycraft.
Means- blast them out of the sky with Kalishnikovs if necessary or utilize SLOPteam.
flan- a four cosmonaut,two Soyuz mission launched from .Tyuratum cosmodrome consisting of the following:
a) two pilot-navigators,one in each Soyuz/Lenin booster assembly.
b) laser targeting technician
c) communications expert fro Third World country
Team will replace cosmonauts now at statiot and proceed to arm laser device for firing.Ground control responsible for obtaining the following information:
1) Salyut-12 and Gendarme perigees
2) flow charts of Gendarme communications and data relay nets
3) names of SLOT team
4) necessary laser targeting data
The straightforward plan had been in the Soviet Defense Ministry computer banks since the days of the American skylab though the laser device was not yet operational.With a few name changes the plan was revied for a strike on the ESA orbiter,
Flight director Yulrich Korzov sat at his desk4n the second floor of the gigantic Tyuratum cosmodrome flight control, building 7To the right of his desk was a door and hallway leading down to the fl4,gb& control room.His office was jammed full of electronic hardware, teleprinters,consoles,coders,decoders;his temporary headquarters in the storeroom, Choosing to be there because it was quiet he could make decisions away from his main office overlooking the control rocm.Up there the phone was always ringing and the office crowded with important politicians.
A runner appeared with orders for execution of Op FJ.Karzov was familiar enough with the plan having worked out a large part of it himself.It would take little time to roll out the necessary launch configurations from the pads for liftoff.Korzov immediately called for
( ( C
.)   H•21•\
a meeting of his staff.
At the meeting tracking officer Yatutsk gathered perigee information and communications officer Ilyitch Vostok secured Gendarme flow charts.There would be nothing unusual about the launch, just the ordinary one preceeding an American shuttle liftoff.After brief introductions Korzov personally announced the cosmonaut team.
"Comrade scientists and technicians it is my honor to read the following list of cosmonauts selected for the mission.
The flight commander is hero of the Soviet Union pilot-navigator, cosmonaut,comrade Colonel Gorky Petrochekov;graduate Lenin Flying Academy,active Soviet Air Force.Oommander of Soyuz T-16917,18 flights. Member Communist party,order of Lenin." Korzov paused and sipped from a glass of water poured for him then continued.
"Co-flight commander is hero of Soviet Union pilot-navigator cosmonaut,comrade Major Yuri Smolensk,active Soviet Air Force.Pilotnavigator for Soyuz T-16,17,18.Member Communist party,graduate Communications Training Academy.
The number three man is laser-technical officer comrade Njkita Yevtuchenko,graduate Lenin Communications Center,member Communist party,graduate Cosmonaut Training Oenter.Crew member Soyuz T-16917.
Rounding out the SLOT team is communications officer Government of India astronaut Rajiv Bombay,graduate New Delhi Laser Institute, graduate India Space Agency (ISA) ,team member Soyuz T-16." With that an abrupt round of applause broke out in the briefing room as mission technicians sounded their approval of the selection.
Fifty hours later powered by mighty Lenin boosters the SLOT team rode two Soyuz modules to the Russian orbiter replacing the crew that returned to a parachute assisted landing southeast of Dzhezkazgan in Kazakh province.On Earth the Russians layed down a smoke screen by maximizing the propoganda value of the mystery satellite.Tass reported,
"The Americans launched a secret new 'spy' satellite that encroached Soviet space daily." They claimed it's orbit was,
"specifically designed to photograph new defense installations along the shores of the Sea of Okhotsk." They threatened to,
"swat the bothersome mosquito satellite of the western superpowers out of space."
air lock.
On the other side of the ship flight chief Lt. Colonel Jean Pierre Bleriot was busy checking out radio and navigation systems in the command—service module.Everything seemed to be in order as he proceeded down the checklist for the module,their emergency escape vehicle back to Earth.Colonel Bleriot observed Salyut-12 on a command—service screen as it sailed above in a higher, faster orbit.He noticed with interest the peculiar orientation of the Russian ship with respect to the skylab.As he continued down the instrument panel he noticed the intercept net on auto.He flipped an intercom switch:,
"Captain deG-uerre,where are you please?"
"This is Francois.I am in the crew quarters with the Major for a break.Is there a problem?"
"Not really.Check workshop console for a radar fix on Salyut orbit. I may have a misreading here in the CS." he requested.
"Roger,will do.."answered Francois.After two minutes the captain was back on the intercom.
"Your reading is correct colonel.The Russians have apparently rolled Salyut a bit and rotated it nearly fifty degrees."
"They are not in the same space for any interception or strike on the satellite.There doesn't seem to be any increase in radio traffic. Keep to the workshop console and moniter their movement." ordered the Gendarme commander.
"I will do that Pierre." deGuerre answered.
At that very moment aboard Salyut-12 flight commander Petrochekov announced to his crew through the ship's intercom,
"Comrades,we are about to execute Operation! Prere Jacques and silence the pesky spycraft Gendarme.All stations please acknowledge and wait for computer cleared commands."
"Acknowledged by comrade Smolensk," came the first reply from the major seated in the bay housing the laser.At the laser console technician Yev-tuchenico checked in,
"This is Nilcita acknowledging. "From the radio shack the Indian acknowledged last.Thirty seconds later Salyut computers cleared the SLOT team when sufficient power to fire was achieved.
"Comrade Nikita,you may proceed when ready." ordered Petrochekov
through the intercom. Cosmonaut Yevtuchenico carefully aligned the 3-D electronic crosshairs on the laser console being careful to target the communications bay of Gendarme.
"Good hunting,Yevtu." added Major Smolensk looking over the device for any last second hangups.
In less than a minute a high energy pulsed beam blasted through a docking adapter between the airlock and the command-service module of Gendarme.The solar observatory and panels above the docking adapter were ripped loose in a large explosion seconds after the beam impact sending the skylab into a sharp starboard list.Minor explosions
followed as wires sparked and hydraulic lines ruptured sending fumes and suspended fluids throughout the rapidly depressurizing radio shack.
The primary power source failed after extensive damage.All VHF/UHF antennae were knocked out or destroyed as well as a good deal of radio transmitting equipment.
"Sacre bleauZ What has happened?" shouted the French captain in the crew quarters when Gendarme was hit by the blast
"Aft,this is skipper," came a loud voice over the still operational intercom. "What on Earth is going on?" he demanded to know that it hadn't occurred to him he was not on Earth.
With no power to keep Gendarme's systems on line the ship was a drifting wreck that would soon plunge back into Earth's atmosphere and burn up.The Russians destroyed a multibillion dollar enterprize with one badly fired shot and beat a hasty retreat after the dastardly act initially denying they were even in the same space.
Fortunately for the crew no one was in the radio bay at the time. DeGuerre and the Greek donned spacesuits,left the workshop and crawled alongside the doomed orbiter to the CS module where Bleriot awaited.The three detached the CS from Gendarme and re-entered Earth's atmosphere only two hours after the power burnout.At a preset altitude a barometric sensor triggered a drogue chute that popped out the three large descent chutes.The module splashed down in the middle of the afternoon just eighteen miles southwest of Corsica's rocky shores in the Mediterranean Sea.
Chapter 3) 9.
In AmericaAir Force One was a few minutes out of Atlanta when an aide brought a descrambled message to the President in his cabin.
"AF One.Be advised Russians fired laser at Gendanne.Extensive damage,no reported injuries. Skylab no longer operational.AP Command McGuire."
That election year the President already had a number of political migraine headaches like missile deployment in Europe.Nations like Denmark and Belgium due to renew NATO treaties stalled as rumors flew they might pull out or be forced to deploy missiles aimed at Russia. They were not ready to take on demonstrations,riots and the blame for starting nuclear war.As usual no one spoke up against Soviet missiles aimed at them.In voting for peace they risked annhialation,the blundering liberal philosophy that resulted in World War Two.In 1992 they were about to be bombed back to the Stonehenge days without so much as erecting a Maginot Line.
"President to pilot.Proceed to Kennedy Space Center and pass on the stop in Atlanta." the Commander-in-Chief voiced into the intercom needing time to develop strater.Perhaps a first hand report on the mystery satellite would help.Besides the shuttle launch was not long away and it would take hours for reporters to find him down there.
• When the KSC fk4gh-b director heard word of the President's impromptu visit he hurriedly called Geronimo to organize a staff meeting in the launch control room. The President planned on staying through the evening so security and lodging had to be arranged,all this on ruining a launch. at "dawn's early light".The staff meeting didn't begin until long after dark the day of the President's arrival.Presidential aides made it clear to the director the briefing was to cover the launch and satellite retrieval with no mention of the Gendarme incident.
"First of all I am honored to announce the President of the United States is with us tonight.." began Geronimo hammering a rubber flight surgeon's mallet on a tabletop and speaking into a microphone.The large crowd grew quiet as if they'd not knowjjthe Commander-in Chief was present.Geronimo stood up,walked over to a console and punched out commands on a keyboard.
"I'll get right to the point since we're so close to liftoff." As he spoke projections appeared on four large control room screens.
"These projections reveal the orbital path of the mystery satellite overlaid on a world map.Charts indicate what possible model it is.Por a period beginning in 1985 and lasting until 1988 a number of satellites disappeared due to deployment problems and engine rnalfunction.The Particular satellite in question is one of fourteen."
Flipping two switches and tapping more keys another series of images appeared on the screens.
"There were a number of different encoding-scrambling frequencies used in those days and getting an entire incoming signal is difficult. We have reason to believe that the signal is meant for a nearby swamp area because the angle of the microwave beam is directed there.It would be much easier to retrieve the satellite than break the code." Geronimo turned the meeting over to a junior officer involved in tracking the signals.
"We are faced with two problems in signal tracking, incoming and outgoing transmissions.Goddard and the Navy have both verified that incoming signals are from the direction of the Pleiades," the officer explained hitting keys that caused a star chart to be projected on a screen.With a pointer he indicated the cluster to the audience.
"Because of problems in other theaters of space operation at
present we won't be able to free up necessary equipment to investigate that part of space until after retrieval.In addition the presence of asteroids severely limits the power of available hardware." With that the junior officer resumed his seat.A few more staff members added comments then a question-answer period followed.When that panned out the meeting was adjourned and the President left first as all arose.
After the meeting it occurred to Geronimo that the space telescope photographed the sector of sky containing the Pleiades and images supposedly sent to the California ground station.He was about to
place a call when problems arose that forced a twenty four hour launch delay.In the confusion that followed Geronimo forgot to place the call. He did,however,manage to reach Atlas Hayes,
"Hayes,could you drive to the swamps east of Kennedy and scout for any 'unusual activity' radio/radar related.Signals from the satellite are reportedly being transmitted there and Presidential aides need someone trustworthy who can look around."