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The Recon-Journalist--Chapter Index

The Excelsior Affair--

"Certainly this story never happened, but that's what makes it so compelling..." JL

New York Nemesis: "Dewey Wins..!!"


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sits.MARCH, 1992
Big city newsmen lose focus of things on the microscale through all that electronic junk they have to import/export wherever they go. Whatever happened to the flatfoot reporter with pencil and paper, hat tipped back, no affiliation and no financing,
no listing on the stock exchange?
They don't ferret out stories like they used to, they don't call 'em "scoops" or "extra" editiOns, it's always "CBS has learned" or "exclusive" report. Tight, neat news packages are a drag,
no mistakes, no corrections on a grand scale, no headlines reading,
The worse thing that could happen to a big agency is the satellite feed breaks down or the fax machine blows; no pony express rider scalped by Apaches or desert rat correspondent getting caught
by the Gestapo.
News has lost its flair, its flamboyance, its glamour. Now it's
all corporate penguins in charcoal business suits; can't distinguish them from the Wall Street money men.
Newswomen are too pretty, too pretentious; they don't break into the newsroom pushing a broom like Jennings or catching the sniffles in a hurricane like Rather. Go get a journalism degree, get issued a blonde hairstyle, red suit with black turtleneck and call yourself a reporter. Forget the helmet and flak jacket, forget
the artillery barrage, just do a convincing standup in front
of the Time-Life building or the NYSE and let the ratings decide. So stay in focus, big city newsmen, somewhere out there in small town USA is the grass-roots reporter ready to start the process all over again, somewhere out there is your NEMESIS.

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