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(LZ410DANANG)-- Lt Cmdr John S. McCain (USN) interview with French reporter in November, 1967--

Delaware County Daily Times--Feb 14, 1968
Captured Airman Says 'I Love You' to Wife

By FRANK GALEY Dally Times Staff Writer A former Lansdowne woman saw her husband for the first time in months Tuesday night — by television from a hospital bed in North Vietnam. "I love her, and I'm going to see her soon," Lt. Cmdr. John S. McCain 3rd said in a recorded Interview broadcast nationally over CBS-TV. McCain, son of the U.S. Navy's commander in chief in Europe and grandson of a famous Navy World War Ii carrier commander, was shot down Oct. 25 while flying a bombing mission over Hanoi. His wife, Carol, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Shepp, 158 Midway Ave., Lansdowne. McCain has visited here several times. The Interview — apparently recorded last November — was
broadcast on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. McCain was in a hospital bed recovering from fractured arms and a fractured leg he suffered when he was shot down. At the end, McCain wept. Mrs. Shoop said the family had not heard from him before Tuesday night, but that the government had kept them posted on his condition. She said her daughter — who lived in Lansdowne most of her life — "has been ve-y, very upset." Mrs. McCain now lives in Florida, she said. Asked her reaction to the interview, Mrs. Shepp said: "It was the normal reaction of anyone who is in this position. Very sad." She said she doesn't expect to see her son-in-lath again "until the war's over." Mrs. Shepp said she received a telephone call Tuesday from
a government official who told her the interview would be televised. CBS said the North Vietnam government permitted French television producer Francois Chalais to talk with McCain in a Hanoi hospital after he was treated for his injuries. Here is the complete text of the interview:

Chalais: "What is your name?"
McCain: "Lt. Cmdr. John McCain."
Chalais: "That's a famous name."
McCain: "Yes."
Chalais: "May I know who is your father? Could you name him and tell me who he is?"
McCain: "Yes, he's known as Adm. John McCain. He lives in London, England, now."
Chalais: "Doing what?"
McCain: "He's commander in
chief of the U.S. Naval forces in Europe."
Chalais: "Have you children?"
McCain: "Three."
Chalets: "Three boys? Girls?"
McCain: "Two boys. one girl."
Chalais:"What age?" •
McCain: "A boy of seven. a boy five and a girl of two."
Chalais: "Could you name them?"
McCain: "Douglas, Andrew and Sidney."
Chalais: ":„ which unit of the U.S. forces were you serving?"
McCain: "I was serving in the Attack Squadron 163 of the USS Oriskany."
Chalais: "How long till now?"
McCain: "About three weeks before I was shot down."
Chalais: "Are you a profes-sional soldier, or what is your job?"
McCain: "Yes."
Chalais: "You're a
professional soldier. How many raids have you done until the last one?"
McCain: "Twenty-three."
Chalais: "In which cir-cumstances have you been shot down?"
McCain: "I was on a flight over the city of Hanoi, and I was bombing and was hit by either missile or antiaircraft fire . . . I'm not su 2 which. And the plane continued straight clown, and I ejected, and broke my leg, both arms, and went into a lake, parachuted into a lake. "And I was picked up by sonic North Vietnamese and taken to the hospital where I almost died. And I am going to receive an operation on my leg. and another cast on my arm, in December."
Chalais: "Which day was It?"
McCain: "Twenty-five October."
(*halals: "Then you are here for a few days. Let me know how you are treated here."
McCain: "I ant treated well here, I am treated well by the doctors and the people here."

Chalais: "How's your food?"
McCain: "It's not like Paris. but I eat it."

 Chalais: "The last minute we have now, I should like to give it to you and your family. If you have anything to say to the people you love and the people who love please tell it now, this time Ls yours." McCain: "I would just like to tell . my wife . . I'm gonna get well . . . I love her and just hope to see her soon. I'd appreciate it it you'd tell her that. That's all. I'm sure that I will get well. That's all I have to say."
Chalais: "Thank you, officer."
McCain: "Thank you."

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"Standing in a line in front of John Wayne
Would be Arizona Senator John McCain."

You have to wonder what the man was thinking,
Was he on drugs or had he been drinking
When he said the Senator was no war hero
But whatever he meant it amounted to zero.

For a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth,
When war broke out he could have gone south
But instead he chose to fly the other way
On a dangerous mission to earn his pay.

The flak was heavy from the AA gun
So thick you couldn't see the sun.
They were out to bomb that thermal plant
And they had more guts than Ulysses S Grant

He claims today it was a missile named SAM
That took him out over North Vietnam
He landed in the water and was dragged ashore
Where he was kicked, stabbed and kicked some more.

For the next five years he was a Prisoner of War
Where he ate bad chow and they kicked him some more.
But more than anything they knew he would enjoy
The view he had from his hotel in Hanoi.

Many, many years have passed since then
But if he had to go and do it again
Standing in a line in front of John Wayne
Would be Arizona Senator John McCain.