Wednesday, July 19, 2017


"Standing in a line in front of John WayneWould be Arizona Senator John McCain."

You have to wonder what the man was thinking,
Was he on drugs or had he been drinking
When he said the Senator was no war hero
But whatever he meant it amounted to zero.

For a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth,
When war broke out he could have gone south
But instead he chose to fly the other way
On a dangerous mission to earn his pay.

The flak was heavy from the AA gun
So thick you couldn't see the sun.
They were out to bomb that thermal plant
And they had more guts than Ulysses S Grant

He claims today it was a missile named SAM
That took him out over North Vietnam
He landed in the water and was dragged ashore
Where he was kicked, stabbed and kicked some more.

For the next five years he was a Prisoner of War
Where he ate bad chow and they kicked him some more.
But more than anything they knew he would enjoy
The view he had from his hotel in Hanoi.

Many, many years have passed since then
But if he had to go and do it again
Standing in a line in front of John Wayne
Would be Arizona Senator John McCain.

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