Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#MANCHESTER--Terror Level "Critical"--DRAGNET..!!

The lab will be found, others arrested--
(Soho Bureau)--Still in shock over the brazen attack on innocent concert goers at Monday's show, police must now act with lightning speed to determine, not just if there were others involved, but also if more attacks will follow.

With the terror alert level raised to "Critical",  and with the arrest of others who may have been involved in the plotting of the crime, those remaining have no other choice but to execute further attacks, or break and run. In addition, the boasting by the Middle East terror group taking responsibility, in effect, complicity for the Manchester attack, makes it even more desperate for those who are involved, and probably abandoned now that the event is complete.

The last thing the Middle East terror group wants is exposure to its entire network so those who are in the immediate cell will be exposed, left behind to fend for themselves.

In the process, the dead giveaway will be obvious as they scatter to save themselves, revealing the location of the bomb making lab to the dragnet, becoming ever more desperate as they botch their escape.

As has been seen in nearly every one of these crimes, the execution may be complete and a success but the coverup and escape has nearly a one hundred percent chance to fail.  Expect to to see this in the days that follow.

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